Reducing Industry’s Carbon Footprint 
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That's the part where you can also keep your eye on every step of the way. You can receive updates about each stage of the recycling process your carpet is going. 

Our predominant method of recycling exhibition carpets is the process of thermal conversion into pellets.  
As we know not all of our industry's carpets can be recycled that way. But it doesn't mean we gave up here. These materials are being reused in home & garden and furniture manufacturing. Our commitment is to bring floor covering waste in our industry to zero. If you think it's your target too - let's talk today. 
After your event when we bring back floor covering to us, we separate materials by types and recycle them entirely. 
We're proud to say that 100% of the floor coverings are being recycled and nothing goes to landfill. 
We offer full transparency of the whole process so you can be sure that your materials do not increase waste burden to our planet. 
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